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5th Sunday and Charge Conference 2017

By Rev. Nanci Hicks in East Cobb United Methodist Church 9 months ago | 605 views Link:

We are set for our 5th Sunday combined worship October 29 at 11:00. This is also our Stewardship Journey Commitment Sunday.  There will be more on this in the next few days.

Our 5th Sunday fellowship meal will be pot-luck with the Wednesday night dinner crew providing meat and the congregation bringing sides to share. Yum!

Administrative Counsel will vote on charge conference reports during the meeting that follows lunch.  There will be a finance update, a building committee update, and a REACH update.  

Our official Charge Conference will be held November 6 at Mount Zion UMC on Johnson Ferry Road.

We will gather at 7:00pm with other congregations in the East Cobb area to celebrate the work of United Methodism for the Kingdom of God.

November 6 Charge Conference Agenda/Order – 7pm
- Gathering & Greeting
-  Congregational songs
-  Opening of Charge Conference
-  District Team highlights [3 min or less]
-  Church highlights [2 min or less]
-  Terry’s meditation:  For All the Saints
-  Holy Communion
-  Benediction

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