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Murdered KOI Student

I have a terrible story to share with you.  Last week Ken Muthomi was murdered.  Ken was one of the scholarship recipients for Kenyan Outreach Inc.  

Short version of the story is that the local university in Meru, Kenya is on break and was having problems with thieves breaking into dorm rooms and stealing laptops, etc.  Ken was falsely accused of being part of the group of thieves.  

A mob on motorbikes arrived at the house where Ken was living that belonged to his cousin.  The cousin saw what was happening and ran away.  Ken did not run away because he thought he had nothing to hide.  Told the mob to come into the house and see there were no stolen items.

Instead, they took Ken from the house, beat him, tortured him, hit him in the back of the head with a board that had a nail sticking out of it.  They left him at the police station.  The police called his relatives (no parents, he’s an orphan) and said they needed money to buy gas so they could take Ken to the hospital.  Before the money could be raised, Ken died.

The accuser later recanted, so Ken was innocent.  The 4 killers of Ken are known and include the local pharmacist and his brother.  Apparently similar incidents have occurred in the past year with the victims being other orphans and abandoned children.

KOI had a board meeting last night and elected to pay for burial expenses and provide some seed money for a lawyer.  The purpose of the lawyer is to bring this injustice out into the light so that hopefully the lawless locals realize they can not kill an orphan and hide in the shadows.  We’re at a loss for what else we can or should do.

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Terry Standifer

Bad news..

Debra Brock

So sad and scary

Scott Reaver

So awful

Lee Busey

So sad when mobs get out of  hand.  Please keep us informed and let us know how we can help with funds or whatever.  Prayers, of course, for justice to prevail.  My heart aches . . .

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