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By Tom Pratt in East Cobb United Methodist Church 7 months ago | 2012 views Link:

The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that a reproduction of an antique wash stand (complete with a chamber pot) has been made available to generate some additional funds for our student scholarships. The wash stand will be sold in a silent auction by placing the it in the Narthex where members of the Congregation can see it and enter their bids. A bid sheet will be provided at the wash stand.  The reserve bid is set at $500.00 and additional bids are to be made in units of $10.00 each.  The auction will close in the Narthex at 12:30 pm. on Christmas Eve.  The new owner can then donate the winning bid amount to the ECUMC dedicated scholarship fund.  In this way, a person who would like to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund will receive a nice piece of furniture. 

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Glenda Bell

For those who’ve been away since Tom Pratt’s craftsmanship was moved to the narthex, here are a couple of pictures.

Glenda Bell

Additional details – The wash stand is made of solid walnut was donated by Tom Harmon from a tree cut down years ago by his father and seasoned by storage in an outdoor shed. He approached Tom Pratt for ideas on what could be done with the beautiful wood, and after some discussions it was decided that the amount of wood available was right to create a reproduction of an antique washstand, the sale of which would benefit the Scholarship Committee

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