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A New Way to Learn to Live In Covenant

By Pastor Jim Perry in East Cobb United Methodist Church 8 months ago | 3521 views Link:

Beginning November 1 at 10:00 AM in Room 103 with Rev. Nanci Hicks and November 5 at 5:00 PM in Room 103 with Dean Kelley. 

Covenant is an in-depth group Bible Study that centers around our relationships with God, with each other, and with the world. It differs from other Bible studies in that it emphasizes the biblical concept of Covenant—the enduring commitment between God and people—as a unifying pattern throughout the entire Bible. It underscores the unique relationship that God chooses with us as God’s people.

All are welcome. You will be heard. A deeper understanding awaits.



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Pat Holcomb

I would like to register for the Sunday evening class

Tom Bridge

I am in for the Wednesday Morning Class with Nanci.

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